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2137033 20 oz. Quad Flash All Weather Application, Yellow

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All Weather Application

  • Quad Flash Liquid Applied Flashing Membrane is a gun grade waterproofing sealant compound designed for use in rough openings of structural walls
  • Quad Flash allows for same day installation of windows, doors and other wall assembly components and offers a strong bond to primary window, door and wall sheathing materials
  • It can be applied in cold weather as low as 35F and reaches full cure in as little as 4-6 hours depending on temperature and humidity
  • Excellent performance on both vertical or horizontal above grade applications to plywood, OSB, XPS, Aluminum, Coated Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, EPS, Densglass, Concrete & Masonry, Vinyl, Wood, FRP, EPDM and most other building materials
  • Quad Flash will stick to damp or dry surfaces and offers superior UV resistance
  • May be exposed to weather for up to 12 months without compromising performance
  • Will not tear or lose effectiveness when exposed to weather during construction
  • Paintable after 2 hours with most latex paints
  • For a 20 oz sausage pack 15-17 sq.ft per sausage applied at 12-15 mils
  • Size : 20 oz.
  • Color : Yellow
  • Weight: 2.00 lb.
  • UPC: 028756959014
  • Manufacturer Part No: 2137033
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