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230450 E-6000 0.18 oz 50 pc/box Self-Leveling Formula Multi-Purpose Adhesive

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Buy 230450   E-6000 0.18 oz 50 pc/box Self-Leveling Formula Multi-Purpose Adhesive at lowest price.
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E-6000 Series Industrial Strength Adhesives

  • This smaller sized tube, .18 fluid oz., is easily portable, doesnt take up much room, and is the perfect single-use amount.
  • E-6000 is so versatile it has found a permanent place in many toolboxes.
  • E-6000 can be used as a glue, caulk or sealant capable of adhering to many different materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, metal, fabric and many plastics.
  • E-6000 is a tough, flexible and extremely versatile, rubber-based compound that exhibits exceptional adhesive, contact adhesive and sealant qualities.
  • With a 50-pack, you will have just what you need wherever you need it-tool box, workshop, kitchen or glove box, just to name a few.
  • Multipurpose glue, sealant and caulk
  • 50-pack ensures ready supply
  • Size - 0.18 oz. x 50 Tubes
  • Weight: 0.60 lb.
  • UPC: 076818304500
  • Manufacturer Part No: 230450
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