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260542 5 Gal Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint, Blue

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Swimming Pool Paint

  • For the very best in pool paint, The Hardware City is proud to offer to our customers Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint. Zinser Swimming Pool Paint is the ideal solution for protecting and renewing masonry swimming pools, providing a top-notch paint for waterproofing or decorating your valuable swimming pool.
  • Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint is used with confidence and achieves the best of results on multiple surfaces, including the waterproofing of both exterior and interior concrete, masonry, gunite and plastered swimming pools.
  • Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint can be used on several other concrete and masonry surfaces as well, but it is not intended for use on top of fiberglass, chlorinated rubber or epoxy coated surfaces using multiple bonding agents.
  • Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint uses a formula that complies to national industry standards and is used on above and below ground concrete pools.
  • This special formula can also be used on plastered pools and several other masonry surfaces, with no need for spending extra time or money on a top coat or primer.
  • Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint will cover 75 to 100 square feet per gallon on rough surfaces and 125-150 square feet per gallon on smooth surfaces.
  • This swimming pool paint will dry to the touch in a period of four to six hours, with a second coat applied to the swimming pool surface after twenty four hours to allow for time to thoroughly dry.
  • This second coating of pool paint will cure for a full 72 hours (assuming good drying weather) before the swimming pool is filled with water.
  • 5 gal
  • Blue
  • Weight: 76.00 lb.
  • UPC: 020066208943
  • Manufacturer Part No: 260542
  • This product is restricted in CA, UT
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