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CO5120BN 120V AC Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm

  • The BRK CO5120BN hardwire carbon monoxide alarm with battery backup detects dangerous CO gas and allows you peace of mind with its battery backup
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, deadly gas. It can be emitted by sources including gas or oil furnaces, gas clothes dryers, water heaters, fireplaces, wood stoves, charcoal grills, gas ranges and space heaters
  • A clogged chimney, improper venting and attached garages can also cause carbon monoxide accumulation
  • Hardwired carbon monoxide alarm with battery back-up meets codes where CO alarms are required for new construction
  • 120-volt AC inter-connectable (with maximum 18 compatible devices). The alarm can be interconnected with up to 12 other compatible smoke alarms and six compatible devices like bells, horns, repeaters and door closers
  • If one unit triggers an alarm, all smoke alarms in the series will sound. Power indicators show which unit in the series initiated the alarm
  • Single test/silence button which both silences a non-threatening alarm or low battery warning and allows you to test the unit's functionality
  • Latching alarm indicator which automatically identifies which unit initiated the alarm
  • 7-year limited warranty. 9-volt battery backup for peace of mind during power outages
  • Color : White
  • Weight: 0.60 lb.
  • UPC: 029054856173
  • Manufacturer Part No: CO5120BN

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