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HL-28 Waterless Hybrid Urinal, White

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Waterless Hybrid Urinal

  • HybridH2O dual use urinal fixture is the first product to integrate waterless and traditional valve technologies
  • HybridH2O offers a line of urinals that provide the water efficiency of other waterless urinals while also offering the rinsing benefits of traditional valve urinals
  • This revolutionary waterless urinal system integrates an optional 1-pint AMTC valve programmed to automatically activate aat designed intervals, adjustable for the specific application
  • By integrating the ability to rinse the urinal with water, hybridH2O urinals combine waterless & ultra low flow valve technology
  • Odor-free double-sealed cartridge uses no chemicals and allows for water to be flushed through the system without cartridge removal
  • Vitreous china bowl with uni-bracket wall mounting
  • Valve may be included with initial installation or added after install
  • Reduction of maintenance & custodial costs. Significant reduction in water & sewer costs
  • Provides more hygienic restroom. 12.5 ounces (0.5 liters) per rinse
  • Color : White
  • Weight: 50.00 lb.
  • UPC: HL-28
  • Manufacturer Part No: HL-28

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