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LEMSB 8 Points 1Year/ License Subscription 1 User Energy Manager Software Base

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Energy Manager Software Base

  • Leviton's Energy Manager is a superior web based enterprise energy management system (EEM) that empowers businesses to measure, monitor and manage energy consumption and expenses across all utilities in real time
  • It combines the latest. Net software technology with the most advanced data collection hardware to give you state of the art tracking and reporting capability. Energy Manager also includes the latest in flash technology, data interrogation techniques and enhanced 3D Matrix Back End GUI to produce truly interactive graphs and reports
  • Energy Manager analyzes data collected from an unlimited number of metering points. It also collects sensor inputs such as temperature, pH, compressed air and nitrogen. In addition, Energy Manager is designed to collect data from all leading building automation and process control systems. Energy Manager has an extensive set of format and database drivers that provide seamless integration of your enterprise?s current and historical information
  • On-site system that can be configured for single or multiple sites. Includes an automatic reporting system and an instant alarm notification system
  • Displays all components - cost, kW, kVA, kVAr, Power factor, MIC. Collects information from 1 to 60 minute intervals for in-depth tracking
  • Illustrates information in real time. Scalable and can accomodate unlimited data points
  • Automatically "pushes" key reports to recipients so they do not have to search for their important dashboard information
  • Runs over any network (232-485, Fibre Optic, Wireless, GSM/GPRS/PSTN, Ethernet LAN-WAN) and can inter-connect to multiple third party data-bases
  • Produces customized reports to suit precise requirements
  • Color:White
  • Weight: 1.00 lb.
  • UPC: 078477558751
  • Manufacturer Part No: LEMSB

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